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Change Email Information

Email Aliases

An email alias is much like a forwarding address - when you receive an email at the new address, the message is automatically forwarded to your existing account. For instance, if your current email address is, you could set up an alias such as Whenever a message is sent to the alias, it will be automatically redirected to Detailed instructions are available in the OIT Knowledge Base.
Note: Do not delete your or addresses as it will interfere with the delivery of your UT email.
Login to Change Your Email Aliases

Updating Your Preferred Address

Do you want to update the email address in the Online Directory ? Or, would you like to change your “From” address in Tmail? You can use any of your UT email addresses as your Preferred Email Address. Login to the link below and update your Email Address.
Login to Change Your Preferred (Reply To) Address

If you do not have a Tmail or Volmail account, contact the HelpDesk for assistance routing your UT email to another account.

*Please note that by forwarding your email to an outside email system, you will lose the advanced functionality that Exchange provides, such as sharing, calendaring, etc., and the integration with the UT community that Tmail/Volmail provides. Also, the system you forward your mail to may not be supported by OIT. For these reasons, we do not recommend forwarding your mail to an outside mail service unless you have left UT.